What Your Report Will Tell You

Intolerances and me

What Your Report Will Tell You

The Intolerance and Me Report You Will Receive

At Intolerance and Me, we pride ourselves on maintaining exemplary business ethics and providing unrivalled services. When you come to us, we’ll give you a snapshot of what is going on specifically for YOU, i.e. not your neighbour or ranges of normal that have been designed by the orthodox world, but you.

You will receive a comprehensive and personalised guide written by a qualified Naturopath depending on which tests you select along with broad and detailed results.


The results you get in your report will come with a suggested “what’s next” and depending on the test, a personalised naturopathic prescription that is just a click away. This gives you access to practitioner-only products which are truly effective to prevent you from wasting time and money on substandard products that don’t produce optimum results.

Practitioner-only products are in formats and dosages that make them absorbable. Additionally, you will be prescribed a quantity that will make a difference.

Remember, these products are not available to the public. Instead, we prescribe for you personally based on your results and an assessment by a qualified Naturopath overseeing your personalised report. This is amazing!!

The Next Steps

We recommend you get retested after three months to check how your body has responded to the changes you have implemented. Retesting will also set you on the path to your next health journey.

From there, we recommend periodic testing when and if you experience “dis-ease”.