What Is Radionics Bio-Resonance Testing

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What Is Radionics Bio-Resonance Testing

There are two main theories behind radionics and bio-resonance testing. The first is that we are immersed in the earth’s electromagnetic field. The second is that we also have our own electromagnetic field. In addition to known fields, there are also fields of energy that have yet to be identified by science.

If your electromagnetic field, vibrations becomes distorted, your body can react with physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Diseases can also result from this distortion.

In radionics, the principle is that all your organs and systems have their own frequency or vibration. The same applies to diseases and to the remedies you use to treat conditions affecting your body.

Understanding all the above, an experienced practitioner can identify various fields of energy to diagnose what’s going on in your body and then give guidance on what you can do to make improvements. Importantly, they can do this from a distance, through a body sample, reading your vibrational field and analysis results are compared to an enormous rate database. At Intolerances and me we use hair samples.

Crucially, radionics is not a medical test. Instead, it is a para-physical method of analysing what is happening in your body. This is why the analysis can differ from traditional medical opinion.

Bio resonance Testing is NOT a medical test. Bio resonance does NOT offer results based on the orthodox immune-based allergic reactions. Bio resonance offers testing that utilizes energy technology to deliver information on physical and emotional energy imbalances.