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Radionics Testing in New Zealand – Transforming Lives

The effect of food intolerances can range from being uncomfortable to being debilitating, severely impacting your quality of life. That said, food intolerances are almost always manageable, providing you know the foods that trigger symptoms in your body.

At Intolerance & Me, we offer exemplary business ethics and unrivalled services that include simple, non-invasive, and fast intolerance and body investigative tests. All you need to do is send us a sample of your hair.

We’ll test your hair sample according to the type of test you select and will send you a report which will give you a better understanding of how your body – or your pet’s body – reacts to particular types of foods, beverages, environmental items and additives and/or how your body is functioning.

Full Body Balancing

Additionally, to complete full-body balancing, our test also include:

  • Nutrients test to see what vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you are lacking
  • Female or male health reports that analyse organ and body system functions along with hormone levels
  • System burdens test looking at heavy metals, environmental elements, and common pathogens
  • Finally, to help with emotional support and balancing, we can run a personalised Bach Flower script for you or your pet to help fine-tune emotions or overcome emotional hurdles

Individual thresholds are the largest difference between food allergies and food intolerances.

Food allergies are reacted to by a very small amount of a substance conversely food intolerances are all about dosage. The dose of a food may go unnoticed in symptoms if under your individual threshold.⁠ Food intolerances reactions are all about your unique threshold and what else is going on in your body at the time.

Our Tests

Select your intolerance test today:

  • Food/Additive and Beverage Intolerance Test, Nutrient Level Test, Organ and Hormone function test $80
  • My Consultation (please email for appointment via zoom or face to face in Auckland) $150.00