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Food Intolerance Tests for Animals

Do you believe your pet has an intolerance or a sensitivity to certain types of food? This is more common than you might think. Understanding the food intolerances your pet suffers from will help ensure you give them a proper diet. This will result in a healthier and happier pet.

Animals regulatory systems can usually help restore their body back into balance. However, sometimes too many body stresses such as chemically treated water, environmental toxins, foods can upset their equilibrium, inhibiting their systems ability to respond and heal.

Food intolerances are not limited to humans – your pets can have an intolerance to particular foods too. It’s even harder for pets, in fact, as they can’t communicate as we do. Our tests will tell you what’s going on with your pet.

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How to Know If Your Pet Might Have a Food Intolerance

  • Digestive Upset – bloat, diarrhea or constipation
  • Hair/Skin – crusty scabs, bald spots, discoloration or itching
  • Behavior – lethargy, restlessness, scratching, paw biting
  • Face appearance or chin and eye areas reddened, muzzle hair loss or breathing difficulties
  • Ears – odor, redness or discharge

Does your pet display unexplained symptoms? Are they off their food or struggling with health conditions? These are all indications your pet might have a food intolerance. By getting them tested with our safe, painless, and non-invasive test, you can make the changes necessary to improve your pet’s wellbeing.

Sometimes medications may be masking their symptoms and lack of understanding for us of what our pet is experiencing. Therefore, at Intolerance and Me we give you a way to identify the items manifesting in your pet causing possible intolerance reactions. Through targeting the underlying cause of symptoms and changing diet and avoiding problematic environmental items, your pet’s equilibrium is able to return.

Further with the nutrient guide it is vital to use a pet grade mineral or multivitamin once consulting with a Veterinarian nutritionist to help determine if your pet does need to supplement safely.

Additionally, the psychological results are read through the vibrations they create in the body at the time of diagnosis. Radionic analysis considers emotional and mental disturbances to be the causative factor in energy imbalances which result in physical ailments. Bach Flower Remedies in particular are useful to treat states of mind.

Benefits of Our Food Intolerance Tests for Pets

  • Ideal for dogs, cats, horses, birds, and any pets with hair
  • Non-invasive test so there is no risk to the wellbeing of your pet
  • We have extensive experience of testing for food and non-food intolerances in both humans and animals
  • We use a specially designed test for pet food intolerances using state-of-the-art and certified equipment
  • You will receive the results of the test directly to your email
  • Once you have the results, you can start making positive changes to your pet’s health using our comprehensive and easy to understand report

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