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Male Health Test

Our male health test focuses specifically on the issues that most commonly affect males. Your report will give you information on everything the test finds that is preventing your body from functioning to its optimum level.

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Male Health Tests

The systems in your body are very complex. Additionally, just because you are a man doesn’t mean you are the same as all other men. Your body is unique and requires personalised balance, testing, and care.

One thing that is common between you and other men, however, is the fact the complex systems inside your body are designed to work together holistically. This maintains balance, keeps you healthy, and ensures you feel good.

However, your body also has to deal with a myriad of issues which threaten to throw your internal systems off-balance. This could be food intolerances, for example, or sensitivities to certain environmental factors.

Toxins, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals can have an effect too, as can poor nutrition, poor quality sleep, stress, lack of physical activity, and more.

What Happens When Your Body Doesn’t Have Balance

When there is an imbalance in your body, that imbalance can have a knock-on and cumulative effect.

Identifying the cause of your body’s imbalance is crucially important, but we are here to help at Intolerance and Me. Let us be your detective, checking to find out what is not as it should be, and then our directory of qualified Naturopaths can help you further understand the results of your test. If required they can give you guidance on recommended changes you should make to improve your health and wellbeing.

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