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Environmental & Systems Burdens Tests

Your health issues, pain, and discomfort may be caused by environmental issues rather than food. We can test for everything from dog dander to pathogens to dust to heavy metals so you can decide what to do next.




Environment and Systems Burdens Testing

Food intolerances are not the only thing that can cause you pain, discomfort, and other physical and mental symptoms. You can also develop environment – or non-food – sensitivities which can impact your body, health, and quality of life. Examples include dog dander and dust.

Our supermarkets, fast food outlets, and restaurants are, unfortunately, full of nutritionally void foods. This type of food can increase stress on your body’s functions and systems, creating a toxin-burdened environment.

In addition, toxins can build up in your body from a range of other environmental factors. This includes:

  • Heavy metals from day-to-day passive exposure to pesticides
  • Direct exposure to toxins in pharmaceuticals, smog, and synthetic chemicals

These toxins accumulate in your body causing many of your internal systems to function poorly.

Our Environment and Systems Burdens Test

Our intolerance tests check for 50 environmental sensitivities. In addition, we also look for common pathogens, and we’ll screen your body for heavy metals.

Heavy metals accumulate in glandular and fat tissue, so it is often difficult to measure the exact levels using standard techniques

Your liver is largely responsible for the removal of these compounds. If it’s unable to cope, however, these heavy metals will end up in your bloodstream. This results in them being stored in glandular or fat tissue, potentially altering the regular functioning of your body.

After your test, you will also be issued your personalised script from a qualified Naturopath, just a click away! This prescription gives you the option of purchasing practitioner-only products. We will prescribe these products in dosages and formats that will have a real impact on your body, assisting healing and supporting elimination pathways under stress, further assisting your bodies coping mechanisms when exposed too or trying to excrete them.

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