My consultation

My Consultation


Explaining my unique naturopathic consultation

In a one on one consult with Carlene then she will also look at how your body systems are functioning, enviromental intolerances and pathogens

A naturopathic consultation offers you the arena to confidentially discuss your health issue(s) in a relaxed forum. This consultation is comprehensive and detailed allowing me to systematically go through your body systems resulting in holistic care to identify root cause(s).

Additionally the diagnostic ability for me to sit and run bio resonance testing for your food intolerances, nutrient status (vitamins, minerals, amino acid profile), enviromental intolerances, organ and hormone function is invaluable to take the guess work out of issues and pinpoint the problem resulting in time, effort and money being saved.

My speciality is the digestive system. Gut health is paramount and intolerances need to be removed/reduced to allow proper healing of the intestinal lining. This eliminates leaky gut and strengthens your system from the inside out. Once again, this saves time, effort and money as it is useless trying to absorb nutrients in an inflamed intestinal lining. Furthermore, this inflammation allows toxins straight into the blood stream resulting in a cascade of issues.

Depending on the findings I tailor your unique steps forward in an agreed manageable plan that we negotiate together.

The initial consultation takes between 60 and 90 minutes including all testing mentioned above and resulting in an effective treatment plan. We then touch base with a follow up consultation of approx. 30 to 60 minutes 8-12 weeks later to reassess where you are.

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  • $150 initial consultation and all testing required is included in this price.
  • $100 follow up consultation fee and any applicable re-testing