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Intolerance and Me

At Intolerance & Me, our objective is to help you take back control over what is happening in your body. After all, suffering from food intolerance or an out of balance body system can be very frustrating when you don’t know what is causing your symptoms. Feeling out of sorts affects your whole life, interpersonal relationships and self esteem. Our mission is to give you the knowledge you need so you can make informed decisions about your health.

We can also help you understand the environmental factors that your body is sensitive to.

Our Tests Intolerances and System Imbalances

The method we use to test for food intolerances is hair testing. It is commonly used in a range of different fields, including in areas like hormone testing, mineral analysis, and, of course, intolerance testing. In most cases carrying out an elimination diet of your intolerances is enough to improve symptoms. This educates you and allows for a greater understanding of the foods which aren’t agreeing with YOUR body and manifesting in a range of undesirable symptoms. It is also worth considering a healing/nourishment of the digestive tract and addressing any gut bacteria imbalances to further improve gut function and reduce symptoms. Health really does start in the gut!

This makes our tests totally non-invasive. All we need is a small sample of your hair.

How the Process Works

We have a bio-resonance test that you can choose depending on your requirements and budget. We’ll then email you a form that you can print and fill out. Then, send us the form along with your hair sample. Easy!

We will then test your hair sample at our testing facility for a range of potential food and non-food intolerances. You will receive a detailed report based on this test.

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